About Dr Helena Mentz

Dr Helena Mentz, MD Calgary

Dr Helena Mentz, MD


Dr Helena’s special interests include:

  • General medicine (for everyone, all welcome)
  • Minor surgical operations
  • Aesthetics, particularly neuromodulator treatments
  • Immigration examinations (IMEs)

Dr Helena Mentz, MD is a General Practitioner operating an independent medical clinic in Calgary, Alberta.

Dr Helena graduated from the University of Pretoria, South Africa in 1984 attaining a BMSci medical degree and a MBChB surgical degree. After graduation, Helena and her family moved to rural Upington in the Kalahari Desert where she worked in a family medical practice with hospital duties that involved many surgical and anesthetic procedures. The harsh desert environment provided Helena the requisite skills to handle Canadian roads.

In 1998, Helena’s family relocated to Canada settling in Morden Manitoba and traded a sand desert for a frozen desert! In Morden, Helena developed Canadian practice skills while continuing to maintain both a family practice and hospital duties. This is where the family developed the true Canadian pastimes of skating and snowmobiling!

Two years later, in 2000, the family moved to Corner Brook, Newfoundland where Dr Helena worked in a hectic maternity and family practice as well as assisted in gynecological and general surgeries. During those years, Dr Helena passed her Canadian medical qualification exams and attained a Licentiate of the Medical Council of Canada (LMCC).

In 2003, they all became proud Canadian citizens in St Johns and to celebrate the occasion, Dr Helena learned to downhill ski. Later that year, Helena loaded up her four kids, two Alaskan malamutes and three cats into their Dodge pickup and headed west.

Dr Helena has been practicing general medicine in Calgary since 2004, maintaining an independent medical clinic.

Throughout her years in practice, Dr Helena has developed several valuable skills involving aesthetic procedures while continuing to perform minor surgeries.

Another significant component of Helena’s practice is assisting new migrants to Canada by providing Immigration Medical Examinations (IMEs) required by the Canadian Immigration Services. Dr Helena realises the value of new Canadians, their potential to Canada and wants to help them in making their Canadian dream come true.